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Why Choose Gerrys Originals?

We just love ice cream!
Handmade in Cornwall,
Gerrys Originals produce ice cream for the discerning customer who appreciates a very high quality product.

Serena and her late husband Gerry set up the family business in Launceston after they had run their own successful restaurant in town, but during that time they had struggled to find the perfect Ice Cream for their guests, they both believed in outstanding quality and always used the best ingredients.

So Gerry created his own Ice creams with no additives, preservatives, or colouring's (accept for the distinctive blue and pink in their bubblegum flavours!) in order to provide just a true award winning traditional luxury ice cream, full of real Cornish dairy double cream, Clotted Cream and milk.

Having gone down a storm in their restaurant they decided to let the South West have a taste too and Gerrys ice cream's are now finding their way through out Cornwall, Devon and Dorset.


It's what's on the inside that counts

We're based in the former capital of Cornwall; Launceston or as the locals call it "Lanson". The A30 runs right along side us which mean we are centrally based in the Southwest to easily reach down as far as Penzance in Cornwall and Lyme Regis in Dorset and everywhere in between.

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